Aquadev Water

Filter Jugs

₦26,000 - ₦27,000

Our AQUADEV water filter jugs were designed to remove chlorine taste and odour from tap water, they also filter out sediments and other visible contaminants to give your water a clearer and brighter look.

Stay Healthy

These water jugs filter up to 6 to 8 glasses of water at a time. Water filter jugs are simple and ready to use; just fill with tap water and let the water run through the filter cartridge. The filter replacement takes just a few minutes and can be done once in three months. Our Water filter jugs are made from safe BPA free material which makes them safe and ecofriendly, you only need to recycle the jug and filter cartridges when worn out.

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Awesome solution to my water with a crystal clear and drinkable water
Adeyinka Adewuyi

Your visitors deserve good water

Tap water is monitored and safe, but does not always have a pleasant taste. Aquadev water filter jugs improve the taste and quality of tap water, while in no way altering its safety, in an easy and convenient way. Aquadev offers a wide range of water filter jugs from the simplest to the most innovative. Particular attention is paid to the design of the jugs, which are truly decorative items that enhance your table